9 February 2016
The tour...
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The tour...

  • We’ll go to Fantiscritti, to the open-air Marble Museum, patiently created by an old marble quarryman, now retired, who loved his area and his work; you’ll learn how marble is extracted, from the Roman period to the present day, ways of transporting blocks of marble, and the different colours of the marble extracted and worked in Carrara.
  • To complete the tour, we can then go to the Colonnata marble basin to see a typical workers’ village with Roman origins (Monument to the Quarryman, Church of San Bartolomeo).
  • The chance to visit a bacon factory with a tasting of the famous Colonnata lardo.
  • If you prefer, we can stop in the old centre of Carrara to see the Cathedral of Sant’Andrea, the piazzas, the Animosi Theatre, Michelangelo’s house and the exterior of the Fine Arts Academy.


  • Before going up to Fantiscritti, we can visit a sculpture atelier where a famous Japanese sculptor has been living and working with an Italian colleague for a year and who sculpts masterpieces which are sent all over Italy. Price: 3 Euro.
  • We can go to a working quarry, with two options:
    • In Fantiscritti, opposite the open air museum, there’s a unique underground quarry which is especially atmospheric because it’s more 700 meters long. We’ll go in a minibus reserved for customers of the quarry’s owners. This quarry was visited by Italy’s former president Carlo Ciampi and featured in a television programme about Michelangelo who used to come here to select marble for his statues.Price: 11 Euro.
      * From November to February this tour must be booked in advance.
    • Open air quarry, more traditional, but with the chance to observe quarrymen close up on working days and throughout the year, accompanied by a specialised worker.
      Price: 5 Euro.

Useful information...

  • When you visit a working quarry you must wear proper shoes because of the water and dust produced by the extracting processes.
  • You need a car to visit Carrara; if you don’t have a car or if you prefer to be comfortably driven by a private chauffeur, ask me for a free quotation.

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