9 February 2016
The tour...
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The tour...

  • We begin with the religious power, the Piazza del Duomo with its concentration of buildings and works of art, such as the lovely San Giovanni Church, the Baptistery with the Gates of Paradise opposite the Cathedral staircase and the dome which is the symbol of Florence, the elegant bell tower and the Loggia del Bigallo, an old charitable institution.
  • Walking down Via Roma with its neoclassical façades, we come to the “modern” Piazza della Repubblica which we cross to get to Palazzo Strozzi, a typical palazzo of the Renaissance period.
  • We’ll pass in front of Palazzo Davanzati, a typical 15th-century residence, and see the 14th-century towers in the old medieval quarter.
  • After the trinket market we come to the Ponte Vecchio, the oldest bridge in Florence (ponte vecchio simply means old bridge) and its famous jewellers and goldsmiths. The wonderful view is not to be missed.
  • On the other side of the bridge, following the Vasari Corridor, we come to Piazza Pitti and the impressive façade of Palazzo Pitti.
  • Turning back across the Ponte Vecchio, we come to a point with a lovely view across the River Arno where we can enjoy the view of the bridge at a distance and measure ourselves against the columns of the Uffizi.
  • We’ll then cross the Piazzale and come to the centre of civic and political power: Piazza della Signoria and the Commune building, the statues in the Lanzi loggia and the ones on “guard duty” at the entrance to Palazzo Vecchio and its piazza.
  • Behind the Piazza della Signoria, we’ll turn towards the Bargello, built before Palazzo Vecchio, and come to Piazza Santa Croce, where Florentine “football” is played in June, Palazzo dell’Antella and its frescoed façade, the neoclassic façade of the Basilica and the people selling leather goods.

For your free time or at lunch time, there is the San Lorenzo area which is full of colour, with its large market for leather items and other things, and the restaurants in the old market

Finding out more…

It would be worth going into some buildings, such as the Baptistery, for example, one of the oldest buildings in Florence, or Santa Croce to see some of Giotto’s frescos, now restored. You could also meet some great Italians such as Michelangelo, Macchiavelli, Galileo… All these buildings charge for entry except for the Cathedral.

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