13 May 2019
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Pisa: The tour starts off at Piazza dei Miracoli and then we set off for Piazza dei Cavalieri, seat of the famous university institution, renowned for excellence, Scuola Normale Superiore. Next it is off to the streets flanking the Arno River, called Lungarni, by way of the main street of the historical center. We cross the bridge to the Mezzogiorno neighborhood where the Church of Santo Sepolcro and the colorful mural of Keith Haring are located. In the distance, we can observe the small Gothic church, Santa Maria della Spina. And, ultimately, we return to where we started by way of Via Santa Maria.

Florence: We visit the main landmarks of the city such as Piazza del Duomo, Piazza della Signoria, and Piazza Santa Croce. From the bridge, Ponte alle Grazie, we can admire the unique medieval bridge, Ponte Vecchio. On the other side of the Arno River, we go to Palazzo Pitti and then head for the quiet neighborhood of Santo Spirito. We double back across the bridge to see the Churches of Santa Maria Novella and San Lorenzo.

Lucca: The tour begins in Piazzale Verdi and we immediately head up onto the Walls, which are absolutely perfect for Segway travel! From there, we can admire Palazzo Pfanner and its Italian garden and the towers of the town. We move back down into the historic center passing through the medieval gate, Porta dei Borghi, and take Via Fillungo to Piazza Anfiteatro. We go by the Church of San Frediano, Torre (Tower) Guinigi, and stop in Piazza San Michele. Then it is off to pay our respects to Giacomo Puccini, who is sitting by the house where he was born. We head for Piazza Napoleone, Piazza Duomo, and another medieval gate, Porta San Gervasio.

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The Segway gets you where you want to go quickly. Having an escort accompany the tour allows participants to securely park Segways in streets and squares in order to enter monuments and museums or stop for any kind of cultural visit or wine and food tastings.

The rental fee includes a brief course on how to handle a Segway, a helmet, and insurance. It is a secure means of transportation but since Segway riders are considered pedestrians, there are rules and regulations that must be respected.
The guide will always be at the front of the group to indicate the route and the escort will always follow at the end to resolve any problems.
A Segway guided tour costs 595 euros for four people including the guide’s service. For a smaller number of people or a larger number, please feel free to contact me for a tailor-made price quotation.

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